Problems of Scale

Problems of Scale, Letterpress (metal type, polymer plates: rubylith and scratch negative) on Bugra and handmade abaca paper, 2011

Two visual systems accompany parataxis (juxtaposed clauses): the syntactical relationships between those clauses, and the relationship between the two humans referenced within the text.

Text by Joanna Ruocco.
Made at the Center for Book Arts in New York, NY, supported by a Van Lier Scholarship.

Compendium of Domestic Incidents 

Compendium of Domestic Incidents, Letterpress and screenprint on handmade banana and cotton rag paper, 2010

Text by Joanna Ruocco.
A full scan of the book can be seen here


Andamios, Lithography on handmade paper, 2016

A collaboration with Julio C. Peña Peralta. Text by Rito Ramon Aroche. Images by Julio, binding structure by Sarah. Paper made by both in downtown Havana, and printed and bound by both in the Taller Experimental de Gráfica in Havana, Cuba.

Dodge County Summer

Dodge County Summer, Letterpress (linoleum and polymer plates) on handmade cotton rag paper, 2009